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AWE meets your business development demands by providing effective and efficient technical and price proposal development services to include total proposal management. AWE’s proven evaluation approach provides for a superior evaluation process and will guide clients through the RFI and RFP process. AWE provides objective recommendations to clients when considering the vast variety of vendors available to each respective industry. By aligning client current and projected future business requirements with the appropriate technology, AWE is committed to assisting clients in selecting the most value-added application. .


With over 25 years of experience in private and federal government procurement and proposal writing, AWE provides training services in the areas of federal government technical proposal development, proposal writing, how to do business with the federal government, cost proposal development and much more.

AWE utilizes traditional program management techniques to drive client programs forward. During this process, tasks and timeframes needed for the duration of the program are defined. AWE diligently works to provide efficient program management support by ensuring milestones and key deliverables are met.

Business success depends largely on creating a vision, designing a plan, then following-through. It also depends on doing the right thing for yourself both personally and professionally, and about creating spaciousness where creativity and connections can happen. Business Coaching is for those who are self-employed, to help you stay focused and motivated, and create results. AWE’s business coaching programs can help you successfully manage and improve your business while obtaining your personal and professional goals.



AWE provides a wide array of customized contract review, drafting and management services. Our contract services team helps clients across geographies to streamline and expedite the tedious contract review process. Our team works in proximity with the in-house counsels of various corporate departments to elicit solutions to effectively reduce expenditure and efficiently increase productivity. AWE provides contract administration, contract close out services and general business certification for state and federal contracts.


Business development is a combination of strategic analysis, marketing, and sales. Business development involves everything from the development of employers’ products and services, to the creation of marketing strategies, to the generation of sales leads, to negotiating and closing deals. AWE can provide support to help get your company started in the right direction with up to date business certifications to meet your company marketing and business development needs.


Organization is a large part of successful HR management and personnel administration. Employees must be organized in a way that gets the work done. As long as employees are striving to be efficient in completing their employment responsibilities, companies usually work at retaining them. Keeping good employees saves the time and expense of replacing them. AWE is dedicated to providing valuable, high quality HR and personnel administration services. We stand ready to successfully resolve your human resources issues.

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